‘’Health is wealth’’ is a common phrase that we hear now and then, which may urge people to think it is quite banal. Besides, everyone does not have an interest or inclination to go to the gym or work out regularly. Some might say that they find it monotonous or simply not stimulating enough to invest time. 

On the contrary, playing any sport is one of the most beloved activities, especially for kids. Likewise, if adults are given a chance to play a match of cricket or table tennis, they won’t shy away and ensure to enjoy it to the fullest. That is why sports clubs in Bangalore have become increasingly popular for all ages, whether you are fifteen or fifty, you can find something or the other to have fun.

Sports Facility for Family & Friends 

Playing a round of basketball or carrom with your friends is more than just a leisurely activity, especially when it helps to bond with them. Likewise, when you arrange a family activity surrounding sports, it guarantees fun and much-needed family time. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the facilities that you get in top-notch sports clubs like Regent Club

Table Tennis 

Would you like to work on your hand and eye coordination and improve reflexes and core muscles? Then, table tennis is your go-to sport suitable for all ages which allows players to adapt as per their speed. You can start slow and gradually progress by quickening your movements. 

Besides, the availability of an in-house physiotherapist and highly skilled coaches helps to avoid any accidents or injuries. 


Badminton is perhaps one of the most beloved sports that we like playing with our friends and many certainly do so in their local parks. Nonetheless, the lack of a badminton net and wind often intervene in the match when we play outside. That’s not the case when you play in a sports club with state-of-the-art facilities 

For Instance, the club boasts a stunningly designed badminton court featuring hardwood flooring and ample daylight illumination. This ensures a consistent playing surface and optimal bounce for the shuttlecock. 

What’s more is that you can avail the coaching facilities for your kids, friends, and family members; you never know if one of them could be a rising Badminton star. 

Outdoor Pool 

Relaxing in an outdoor pool and engaging in conversation with your loved one is on the to-do list of many of us. But do you think that’s the only use of an outdoor pool? How about playing pool volleyball? If that’s too much, you’d certainly enjoy doing a swimming race to find out who is the fastest swimmer in the friends group or family. The winner can take their pick from the array of beverages provided by the club. 

The swimming pool well-maintained by the staff regularly assures the ideal condition for you to enjoy a good swim. 

Modern Gym 

We all have that one ‘’fitness enthusiast’’ friend or family member who loves to take care of themselves. Hence, even though they might be on weekend retreats, they would like to exercise; a gym with all the modern equipment is sure to set them up for a much-needed adrenaline boost.


Family members surrounding a carrom board and all anticipating the next move of each other to win the game is such a lovely sight. Needlessly to say, carrom is one of the most fun indoor games; you can certainly play a match or two with your loved ones in the sports club. 

Did we mention the quality carrom boards with custom-made wooden and fibre carrom pieces designed to elevate the playing experience? 


When you are done playing any or all of the sports, we hope you won’t mind doing some mindful exercises with yoga. Furthermore, expert yoga instructors with years of practice are available to help you reach your calmer self and bring a little ‘’zen’’ in your life. 


Don’t we all feel like going away once in a while to someplace where we can just relax and enjoy some time with our loved ones? Well, there is no better place than Regent Club, a premium lifestyle membership club set amidst lush greenery that provides world-class sports facilities. It has an excellent sports club with modern amenities, allowing you and your family/friends to have a fun-t-a-s-t-i-c time.


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