Cupcakes have always been – and continue to be a hot favourite among the kids. From being a boring cake mix to doctored and theme-based ones — cupcakes have come a long way. These are the perfect size for smaller hands and decorating them while keeping kids’ party in mind can be super fun and engaging.

Here are some ideas to make cupcakes the centerpiece of dessert table:

#1 Superhero Inspired: There is atleast one superhero fan in every household. Decorate your mini-cakes with superhero theme to see a brim of happiness on your little one’s face. This is one idea you’ll never regret to make your child’s birthday party fun.

#2 Cartoon Classics: Get the customised cupcakes with cartoon characters and see the magic. There are plenty of flavours to choose; ranging from classic vanilla or strawberry to caramel and Nutella.

#3 Sparkles & Snowflake: Dressing up ordinary cupcakes with pretty frosting and sparkling sugar sounds tempting. Right? Make coconut cupcakes sparkle with a beaded snowflake topper for those snow lovers in party.

#4 Fresh Fruit Cupcakes: Fresh fruits are such a lovely way to top a cupcake.  Kids might not love fruits, but they sure will love that cupcake looking like a watermelon. Choose from a wide range of fruits to take care of all the sweet toothed guests in the party.

#5 Flower Power: Topping cupcakes with cheery flowers by piping coloured frosting will definitely have those tiny wonders come back for more. This simple topping trick will make your cupcakes idea talk of the party.

#6 Witches and Vamps: Spooky cupcakes look a little scary, but these can be so much fun if your child is a big fan of vampires and witches. There’s lot to choose for frosting – marshmallows, candies, chocolate chips and Oreos on cupcakes.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to go cupcake crazy and add an oomph factor to your kid’s birthday party. For bookings or queries, speak to us at 9108509980 /9008016185.